Why Are Rent Agreements For 11 Months

Most of you need to have experience in a rented house during training or during work. While some may have rented a property. In both cases, you must have signed a rental agreement. Have you ever wondered why the majority of these leases are only valid for 11 months? In most cases, neither the landlord nor the tenants and real estate agents know the reason. If you want to know why this is so, keep reading this blog. Well, the reason for the legal rental documents made by 11 months is clearly understood for you. It helps both the landlord and a tenant avoid additional costs for registration fees and stamp duties and eliminates the registration process. Thus, this makes subcontracting economical and faster. As already mentioned, a lease sets the number of clauses such as the description of the property, the amount of rent, the deposit and so on.

It shall also mention the circumstances in which the contract may be terminated. It can be said that a contract originally concluded to protect the interests of both parties can also be used as evidence in the subsequent dispute. Many people doubt whether an 11-month lease is valid or not. Without a doubt, your document is legal and valid. It is also accepted in the eyes of the law and can therefore be used as evidence. Section 107 of the Transfer of Ownership Act states: “A lease of real property from one year to the next or for a period of more than one year or the reservation of annual rent may be made only by means of a registered instrument.

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