Subject To Agreement Meaning

Best practices. The words subject to. should not be used to supplement a provision or bind only two or more clauses. In addition, the undercutting of a clause in relation to other provisions should be specific (i.e. refer to certain sections) and, if possible, not refer in general to that agreement. Avoid combining words that are submitted to the subject, unless it is provided for in a sentence. Case law has largely smoothed out the effects of the underlying legal concepts, but not completely. For example, if one party grants the other party an option in one section and the exercise price and exercise period in other sections, it would be inconceivable that the option could be exercised without an exercise price or indefinitely. However, it is recommended to establish an explicit link, at least between the essential obligations of an agreement. If cross-compliance is not ensured, non-compliance by the buyer leaves the seller with the transfer of the goods or duties and a right to payment of the purchase price. . .


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