Standard Player Agreement Whl

* If you want to take college courses after high school, but before your playing career begins, do so as a part-time student – don`t sign up full-time. At the age of 14, 15 or 16, hockey players with the skills and aspirations to play at the next level of hockey face an important question: “Is it my goal to play in the Western Hockey League (WHL) or to take a hockey scholarship in the United States at a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) college?” For each season a player plays in the WHL, he receives a guaranteed scholarship all year round, including courses, textbooks and mandatory fees, to a post-secondary institution of his choice. For example, players who have completed a four-year career in the WHL are entitled to four-year funding. All whL team players must stand on the Player Protected List, so if a WHL team carries 23 players, there are only 27 places available for future prospects. The list is constantly changing as teams evaluate their players and make adjustments. Teams can change their rost of 50 players year-round. After selecting a player to the Whl Bantam Draft, the WHL Club will immediately contact the family. The player will then have the opportunity to travel to the WHL`s rookie or main training camp before returning to the minor hockey system for his club team. The camp experience offers the player and his family the opportunity to discover the city and the facilities of their WHL club, as well as meet teammates and members of the organization. It also offers the player the opportunity to assess the level of play in the WHL. Participation in an exhibition game or regular season game likely results in the player no longer being eligible for an NCAA scholarship. In the eyes of the NCAA, presea season and regular season games are considered the same. You have a full academic year (after completing your final season of junior qualification) before you need to access your WHL scholarship.

For example, a 20-year-old player who ousted the WHL after the 2019-20 season has until September 2021 (18-month period) to access his WHL scholarships. If, at age 19, a player were to graduate from whL, they would have an extra year (30 months) to access their WHL scholarship benefits. This gives the player the opportunity to do one (1) full season in a WHL-appointed minor professional league (i.e. AHL, Europe, ECHL, etc.) before determining whether they want to activate their WHL scholarship or continue playing junior hockey at age 20. . . .

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