Flexible Tenancy Agreement

As a flexible tenant, you have a rental agreement for a fixed period. This is usually for at least 5 years, although in some cases it can be between 2 and 5 years. The request must be submitted in writing and within 21 days of the offer of the lease, unless the local lessor agrees in writing to a longer period. The regulations define the verification procedure. [6] After 12 months, you will automatically need a safe or flexible tenant, unless your board has one of the two: towards the end of your flexible tenancy, the Board should either: safe and flexible tenants can transfer a lease to someone else or, in certain circumstances, pass on a lease to someone if they die. When you signed your lease, you were informed that the lease is a flexible lease with a fixed term. This lease may run out at some point and the Board will contact you by email or letter to ask you to update your online information to ensure it is properly verified. Since 1 April 2012, a municipal landlord can grant “flexible” rentals instead of periodically safe rental contracts. [1] To do this, the AMF must adopt a leasing strategy or interim policy. In the event of the death of a tenant, the lease is continued for the surviving tenant(s). Some safe and flexible rental agreements granted from April 1, 2012 may mean that you can transfer or pass on your rental more than once – check your lease. For more information about the flexible lease or the flexible rent verification process, see the terms of the flexible lease.

We will offer most eligible applicants a flexible fixed-term rental agreement. We believe this is useful in most cases, as it offers a regular review of the tenant`s and household needs, a review of the implementation of the lease, and the opportunity to examine current and future housing options. However, there are a number of exceptions that we are going to make, which are set out in the Council`s leasing policy. There are limits to what you can do with an introductory rental agreement, for example not: secure rentals granted before April 1, 2012 can only be transferred or transferred once. For example, if you take out a rental agreement, if someone dies, you can`t pass the lease on to someone else if you die. A potential flexible tenant may request a review of the duration of the period offered if it does not correspond to the local authority`s policy regarding the duration of the flexible fixed-term rental contracts it will grant. [5] There is no right of appeal against a reconsideration decision. In addition, there is no right to request a review of the decision to offer a flexible lease instead of a periodically secure lease. Fill out your flexible tenant notice and submit it once you send it, you will no longer be able to edit your evaluation form.. . . .

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