What Is A Divine Agreement

These are periphrased imperfections of the future. And let me translate it exactly as Matthew wrote it and as Jesus said. “Whatever you agree on earth, it will have been agreed in heaven. And everything you throw on earth will have been cast into heaven. If we agree on unity – unity – on earth, at God`s will in heaven, it is invincible. God does. God answers. It is a wonderful source of strength and power for God`s people on earth. Medieval Christianity accepted the existence of three types of laws: divine law, natural law and human law. [4] Theologians have discussed substantially the scope of natural law, with the Enlightenment promoting greater use of reason and the extension of the scope of natural law and the marginalization of divine law in a process of secularization. [9] [Additional Quotes Necessary] Since the authority of divine law is rooted in its source, the origins and history of transmission of divine law are important. [10] [10] In order to distinguish him from God`s eternally greater union with humanity, Bahai refers to the conformity of a manifestation with his successors, to whom they should address and obey the smallest covenant immediately after his death.

[26] Two peculiarities of the small Baha`i federation, called in the Baha`i faith as the Baha`u`llah alliance, are that it is explicit and is also transmitted in certified written documents. [28] Baha`s regard Baha`u`llh`s alliance as unique in the history of religion and as the most powerful means of ensuring the mental health of believers and their permanent unity and their full protection from all efforts to stoke disagreements or create chism. [26] Another thing; He began here with these three verses: “True, I tell you, what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; and all that you lose on earth will be resolved in heaven” [Matthew 18:18]. Now, if you read this in English, you will not have everything the Lord has said. These verbs are a periphrase future, and if I could translate them exactly, it is this: “Whatever you do on earth, you will have been chosen, chosen, determined in heaven” – will have been. If we pray in harmony and in accordance with God`s will, the Lord`s omnipotence will occur, for what we agree, what we ask for and what we pray for will have been ordained in heaven [Matthew 18:18]. It`s beautiful. All right.

It is pleasant when the brothers live in harmony, in unity, in harmony with each other [Psalm 133:1]. It is also a source of infinite and omnipotent power. God is in it. The story of Pentecost begins in this way. The chapter begins: “When the day of Pentecost was full, they were all unanimous in one place” [Act 2.1]. And the power of heaven was cast upon them [Acts 2,2-4].

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