University Of Regina Cupe Collective Agreement To get involved, contact us at the Keep an eye on this area for more updates! City Manager Chris Holden has also been granted emergency powers, giving him the authority to make some quick decisions, such as entering into funding agreements with the province, so that significant financial assistance can be accessed in a timely manner. The Council reserves the right to overturn or amend all decisions taken by Holden under this authority. Any member who chooses to participate in the picket line is entitled to OVER-the-counter payments of $300 per week, in accordance with CUPE`s national fund regulations. The money paid is compensation for the shortfall for those who participate in the work by performing strike-related tasks, such as support. B to the URFA strike line. If you would like to participate in the work, please contact and register for the service. However, do not confuse collaboration with capitulation. We will hold the employer to account if they decide not to abide by our negotiated agreements.

Create an Employment Alert for the University of Regina in the White City of Saskatchewan Follow the Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG) Wednesday, March 20 during the University of Regina Faculty Luncheon – they will be on hand to explain how negotiations work, where things are, and much more. There is a free lunch and drinks included! Accessibility information: – This is a child-friendly event – this information event takes place in a wheelchair/another accessible mobility device…. – Accessible and gender-neutral toilets are only minutes away. – The University of Regina is served by Regina Transit and Paratransit. The nearest bus stop to the educational building for most university buses is the University of Regina Riddell Centre, which is about a 5-7 minute walk/building next to the event. – the rainbow mine is in a high and sometimes noisy traffic area. We will use a sound system to amplify voices, to hear it more easily. The lighting in the pit is a mixture of bright fluorescent lamps and lots of natural light.…/ Why should you attend the meeting? Well, ratification initiates the new collective… agrees and offers the negotiated salary for RA`s – TA`s.

Yes! We have a RAISE in wages!! So what do you expect, show up at the meeting and help us in the ratification process. Please read the statuses on our website for descriptions of these positions to see if you are interested. The statutes list responsibilities and financial compensation for your work. If you have questions or want to search for more information, just send an email:…/cupe-local-2419-holds-rally-cal…/… This conference is for all those who want to learn more about social and environmental justice, which is done both locally and globally; and for all those who want to develop tools and skills critical to the organization and collective action of the community! Meet our leaders today at the negotiating table with the university. From left: Yassine El Bahlouli (President), Andrew Loewen (National Rep -Cupe SK), Anubama Vikraman (VP Communications) – Abiodun oyelami (Treasurer).

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