Home Warranty Service Agreement

Let`s take a look at the home warranties first. A warranty on a home is similar to the warranty that consumers may have on their car or computer. It is a guarantee on behalf of the manufacturer to guarantee the quality and functionality of their product within a specified time frame. Home coverage usually includes: 9.1.1. Dangerous goods. This agreement does not apply to systems, devices and/or services related to hazardous or toxic substances, including, but not exclusively, acids, asbestos, lead and lead products, red tagged units, gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks and other contaminated hazardous substances. NOT COVERED: All pipes and sanitary facilities outside the circumference of the foundations or under the lower floor of the house (under the foundations or in a crawling room); Water supply lines to the refrigerator damage caused by existence, roots or a foreign object; collapse of water, waste, drainage or ventilation pipes; polybutylene brandy; Inadequate installation or repair of plumbing Repair and finish of walls, floors or ceilings, where it is necessary to drill to make repairs or diagnoses. ServiceOne offers several solutions that will help you plan for the unexpected, maintain your home and reduce stress! 5.2.1 Select Service Call Fee/Deductible. Each time an independent service technician is scheduled and sent to your home, you must pay the Select Service Call Fee up to dollars. You must pay the Select Service Call Fee, whether fully or partially granted, excluded, limited or denied by Select. As soon as the independent service technician visits your home, a separate service fee is charged for each outing, whether you can give access to the independent service technician at your home or cancel the appointment while the independent service technician visits your home. Additional charges may be charged for the Select Service Call Fee. The Select Service Call Fee, which must be paid on time and on-site or on the date, is paid by you to the independent service technician or directly to Select depending on the selection option.

In case you don`t pay the Select Service Call Fee, you can`t schedule additional service calls and your home service contract is suspended until all remaining fees are paid in full. The suspension of your home service contract does not change or renew the date of termination of your home service contract. Because of these disadvantages, many homeowners add their coverage through a service contract or an “extended home warranty.” A home warranty protects homeowners from financial setbacks if a structural or integral part of the home needs to be repaired or replaced. But there are drawbacks to the average home warranty: 9.1.4.

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