Griffith University Academic Enterprise Agreement

This teaching unit introduces students to a number of legal issues related to labour and industrial relations law in Australia. This unit deals with how legislation regulates workplace relations and conditions of employment. The content of the unit is the definition of conditions, rights and employment obligations by the federal Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). This is not a comprehensive study of collective and individual labour law, but a series of documents and technical and academic issues that will be transmitted through knowledge from labour relations or labour law practice. The links with contract, constitution and damages law will be examined. The unit will focus on Commonwealth government labour law, but will also provide a brief overview of Australia`s labour law systems. Where this comes from: The National Tertiary Education Union rejected the management`s proposal after the failure of discussions on the terms. Disagreements included a request by the union to guarantee the duration of an agreement without dismissal. (CMM July 28). The NTEU also wanted management to give its approval to an independent committee, including union representatives for savings on guardianship administration that Professor Evans will not support (CMM 22 May). The university had pledged to continue only if both groups voted “yes.” A key element of the proposal was a freeze on guaranteed wage increases in enterprise agreements, and Vice-Chancellor Carolyn Evans said: “It would simply be unfair and contrary to Griffith`s values if one group of employees received wage increases while the other was not.” What happened was that the professionals, who are said to discourage most redundancies, strongly supported the necessary modification of their enterprise agreement, 66% were in favour, with a participation rate of 69%. However, 55% of academics, voters (56% of voters) were no.

Attack the key points of the Fair Work Act and get an overview of labour law. Investigating enterprise agreements, unfair dismissals, illegal discrimination, workplace harassment, litigation, and find out how enterprise laws are enforced. You cannot enroll in this subject if you have successfully completed one of the following subjects because they are considered academically equivalent: With a campus network in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Griffith University is engaged in progressive multidisciplinary teaching and research and is a valuable online provider with Open Universities Australia. Griffith`s commitment to academic excellence is already available to students from more than 122 countries across Australia via OUA. It`s not entirely independent Murray-Darling Medical School CSU and La Trobe U lobbying for long and hard, but it is a new medical school in an area. It thus broadens the CSU`s academic reputation and contributes to its regional reputation. The main argument for MDMS was that it was a good way to deal with the shortage of regional doctors, because the doctors who train in the country stay there.

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