Apple Developer Paid Application Agreement

Maybe it`s a very big question – but since all the apps I have setup are “free,” why am I asked to accept updates to the Paid Application agreement? Did we misconfigure something in the apps themselves, which triggered this in iTunes Connect? My Free Application agreement is in effect, so what? I have the same problem. I see the agreements, but nothing new to accept or submit. Stucked and can`t release a new version of my app. Have you read the paid agreement to see if it says more? When did you go directly to Apple`s developer support? You should contact them directly, either via the “Contact” forms or by phone if an error occurs in your account. And if you are asked to accept updates to an agreement that you had not previously accepted, that would fall into that category. What happens if you don`t accept/accept the contract you pay? I have had a developer account for a few years and I have been successfully publishing paid applications for a while. If I log in to iTunes Connect today, I see a new message above: If you want to submit your app as a paid app on the Apple App Store, you need to do this: I`ve already submitted free applications. Now I`m trying to update one of the free apps, and the main page of iTunes Connect shows it to me: Apple doesn`t use the forum to provide technical support to developers, it usually uses the forum as a “self-service” developer space with the occasional extracurricular support of employees like Eskimo. To accept this agreement, you must have already accepted the Apple Developer Program License Agreement in your account on the developers` website. I do not see the side, I see the agreements that I have already made, but nothing new that I can approve. Has anyone solved this problem? Yes, it`s true, they`re set at $0.00 level 0.

As I have not accepted the update of the paid agreement, I am not allowed to update my existing applications. The internal problem with my legal team is that they do not want to accept something that is absolutely not applicable. Obviously, there is little real chance of harming, because we are not actually putting anything to sell (as far as we are planning), but in a very large company like ours, we also have very prescriptive guidelines that can “accept” a legal agreement, so I hope Apple will have something to do with this situation. To update my free app, it seems I only have a way to achieve the goal – pressing this requirement button and acept the agreement that appears immediately. Hello there, go to -> select People (left) -> You search under Agent Is the account you sign up on iTunesConnect with the same email address as the person on the agent? If not, use this email address to connect to, then continue with the Agreement, Tax and Banking module. There should be a blue button that says request and you can continue to accept the agreement from there. An Apple response and resolution to this one? Our team has just encountered a similar problem and suddenly has a fee-based application agreement when our application is free. I don`t think you`ll have to accept the paid app.

However, I see no way to terminate the contract, so it is likely that you will contact Apple directly. Due to the contract not yet accepted in the Apple account, can`t we push a new build from Xcode to Appstore connect? It fails if you press a compilation of Xcode. Do I have to complete the details of the payment of the contract? Are you lucky? I have the same problem, an unpaid imputation contract, but I only have one free application on my development account. Did you finally contact Apple to remove it, or did you simply accept the new deal? I ask because I want to contact Apple to delete it and asked me who to contact.

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