What Is Agreement In Bahasa Indonesia

In the years after the adoption of the language law, President Joko Widodo finally signed his implementing decree. When it first came into force, the language law sounded the alarm because it imposed additional burdens on the contracting parties by requiring them to translate agreements into Indonesian. PT Trimars Perkasa Abadi (Investindo) is a non-advisory company for law administration services that (i) provides legal outsourcing of the process (including translation), (ii) assistance to transaction processes and (iii) business creation and licensing services. If you have any further questions regarding our services, please email us meidi@investinginindonesia.com We also appreciate that, for certain transactions for which the schedule is very short, foreign and Indonesian parties agree in writing to sign the Indonesian version of the agreement within a specified time frame. We believe that this approach should no longer be considered by foreign parties, particularly for high-value transactions, as it will give the Indonesian side an opportunity to assert that the agreement is not valid if the Indonesian version of the agreement is not available. The Court ordered that the parties be reinstated in the same position they would have been in had the agreement not been reached. In this context, the Court then stated that the Fiducia security agreement was also non-hazard. Recommended approach. Following the introduction of PR 63, we recommend reducing the risk of the document being prepared and signed in bilingual format as soon as the Indonesian version is ready to be signed, and the parties must have expressly stated (i) that the bilingual document reflects their consent effectively on the date the foreign language is signed and (ii) that both versions are equivalent. The foreign language version of this bilingual document is identical to the first signed foreign language version.

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