Qalipu Supplemental Agreement 2013

As litigation over the registration process is taking place in court, the potential losses are now much greater than in 2013, making the compensation agreement more important than ever. Morgan`s clients were all members of the NIF, had been placed on Qalipu`s original list of founding members and were subsequently rejected after the endorsement. More information on and on the registration process in the Qalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation and the implementation of the 2008 agreement on the recognition of the Qalipu Mi`kmaq Band and the 2013 Complementary Agreement. Lickers stated that the Wells cases also responded to the NIF`s decision to sign the supplementary agreement without consulting their membership. She said that both the NIF and Canada had a duty to consult with those whose lives would be affected by the decision. “One wonders what would cause one party to ask the other to pay the compensation, if what they are saying is that there was nothing wrong with the endorsement.” This document updates the July 31, 2013 Bulletin entitled “Important Information for Applicants” and contains general guidelines for applicants wishing to submit self-identification and/or group acceptance documents to support their application for registration in the Qalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation. Please read it carefully before providing additional documentation to support your application. Read Together in Commercial Transactions, compensation agreements are usually signed when one party agrees to financially protect or repay the other if it is brought to justice because of something that all parties have agreed to, Rosenfeld said. (2) Nothing in the subsection (1) identifies or rejects an agreement reached by Her Majesty in the right of Canada, by the Qalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation and the Newfoundland Indians Federation. There were many refusals before the endorsement was reached, Rosenfeld said, but he found no evidence of another protection agreement. “There must be something valuable that both parties accept or receive as part of a [compensation] agreement,” said David Rosenfeld, a Toronto lawyer who is representing former Corner Brook resident Jerry Brake in a possible class action against Qalipu. Throughout the process, in accordance with the 2008 Agreement and the 2013 Complementary Agreement, the Government of Canada and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians have committed and remain committed to the integrity of the founder registration process in the Qalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation. As such, the creation of the Qalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation Band is an important step forward for the Mi`kmaq in Newfoundland.

As we continue to move forward, we look forward to maintaining a useful relationship between nations and ongoing dialogue. Qalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation Enrolment ProcessQalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation Band2008 Accord Supplemental AgreementJun 2013 Especially, I would like to thank so many people who called / Peremail, thanks for my message that contained a number of scenarios. I am very pleased that the scenarios helped some people clarify the letter they received from Ronald Penney (Chairman of the Registration Committee). Unfortunately, there are many who are not sure what they should offer, and I realize that the scenarios do not take away the stress that you are going to meet the requirements. I noticed that prior to 2008, some members of the Newfoundland Indians Federation (a member of one of the local FNI groups) thought they were still on the membership list in 2008 and found that they were not on the list if they asked for an audit at 1-800-567-9604.

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