Auda Registrar Agreement

B.11 Please list all of your affiliates that have AD Registrar accreditation. 5.3 Please note: auDA may change the registration criteria and/or process from time to time. If changes to registration criteria or registration procedures are to be made during the period during which you are provisionally accredited, we will notify you of any changes made and will give you additional compliance time if necessary. This followed a conference on the “Legal Making a Competitive Advantage” by Ben Lehman of Lehman Law, who legally considered it in a different light than the Registrars usually see. He presented a list of ideas that Registrars should implement, including the need to remain organized, efficient and flexible, and stressed the importance of investing in the right people. (a) the fact that we are no longer an accredited registrar, or in conclusion, we have examined some of the creative ideas behind the proposed branding campaign with a presentation by Belinda and Alex of the creative agency BWM. This was well received and gave the Registrars an understanding of the evolution of the .au campaign, as well as the opportunity to give feedback. You`ll find more information in the draft rules auDA for priority registration. These draft guidelines and the aforementioned licensing agreements are made available to ensure that existing filers are fully protected when names become available. The rest of the day focused on the Registrar`s comments on policy updates to better protect the .au-namespace. Leah and Sunil, from the think-tank thinkers, were invited to facilitate the summit and had the space installed with posters and activity packages on each table, ready for an interactive and documented discussion. 13.2 All previous agreements, statements, statements and commitments that have an explicit or implied impact on the purpose of this document are replaced by this document and have no effect.

Bruce Tonkin first updated the status of the newly distributed new licensing agreements and policies. (a) the stability and integrity of the Australian ANS; b) the efficient and efficient operation of the domain name registration system; and (c) the rights and interests of consumers (filers). Please provide as complete answers as possible to the following questions and detail all functions. If necessary, supporting documents may be provided. There are no “correct” or “false” answers to the questions. The information you provide depends on the nature and size of the registrar`s activity you want (or make the proposal) and therefore vary depending on the candidate. auDA evaluates your responses based on current practice and repositories. If you need help answering questions, please contact auDA Registrar Liaison and Policy Officer via email.

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