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Certified postal and night services end up posing problems when federal, regional or local governments restrict freedom of movement or restrict commercial operations. As COVID-19 increasingly disrupts daily life, notification by conventional means (for example. B night or certified mail) can become more difficult, more uncertain or more impossible. A notification or other notification under this agreement is deemed to have been received as follows: … if it is sent by email and the sender uses RPost, if the recipient`s authorized email agent has accepted the message, with the sending status of at least “sent to the email server,” as stated in the sender`s “Registered Receipt” RPost for the email; … One risk is that it could be argued that “writing” means words on paper that are either written or printed on paper. The e-mail could be considered insufficient. It seems unlikely that the court will have such semantic arguments. The Scottish Court of Appeal readlessly agreed that an e-mail should be written in The Case of Our Generation Ltd against Aberdeen City Council. However, in this case, neither party attempted to argue that an e-mail could not constitute a written communication. As Chad pointed out in a commentary on the teleterminology post, each email address indicated in a message should be a general address. And contractors should create systems to ensure that all emails sent to this address are read quickly and forwarded to the people involved. This adds only a modest burden.

Yes, the contract might be half a page longer (compared to only the email) or a few more words (compared to the email, unless the sender receives an error notification), but I don`t think it`s a reasonable charge. The short point is that if the contract is silent, although there may be exceptions, email will generally be an effective means of communicating for the awarding of contract notifications. If you have any doubts about how to properly communicate a message to your counterpart, or if you need a consultation to develop effective termination clauses in a contract, we can help. Please contact our experts for advice on commercial contracts, contracts and disputes. I think it is significant that an experienced operator like Neil Brown does not feel comfortable with email: if the contract is not silent, if emails are considered received, the legislation provides that, while fax service is becoming increasingly obsolete for obvious reasons, email service is often the preferred method of service for our customers. For example, in your contract, a notification may be considered recorded by the sender`s system at the time of sending. Alternatively, it can say that the receipt is deemed to have been made half an hour after sending. Your clause might look like this: for what it`s worth, I`ve experimented with email notification clauses, and I don`t have one yet that doesn`t require a health warning for a less technically experienced customer.

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