House Sitting Agreement

There is a lot of talk about House Sitting being a “trust-based community” in the sharing economy. So we`ve always been a little amused that most international seating platforms recommend and offer “home seat contracts.” I send the document by email in advance and just explain that it is usually to our advantage – that we need written instructions to make sure we are doing the best job of looking after their home. This is more important when we have the money in front of us to fly somewhere at home, sitting for owners who are new to us. It makes me feel like the house is really going to happen. But it also reassures the owners (whom we have never met) that we will show ourselves! If you want to take a look at some residency contracts and related documents, you`ll find that most of the most important platforms have useful downloadable resources. They usually find them on their websites or in their “member areas.” “The spirit of the headquarters is usually a spirit of mutual trust. Nevertheless, signing a contract is always important because it provides a formal framework for the relationship. It avoids misunderstandings or misunderstandings. In the context of the international session, the degree of recognition of a contract may vary. It will depend on the countries of origin and nationalities of the parties. But a written contract will formalize each party`s obligations.

The preparation of a seat agreement, or at least a home-seat questionnaire, means that all of these things are reviewed and reflected by all parties. A detailed questionnaire can be just as effective and much less formal. It always allows you to meet expectations and requirements, and clarifies everything, including duties and responsibilities for caretakers and owners. It`s rare for seats to spoil. However, when they do, a clear understanding of other initial expectations is a long way to go to avoid a conflict situation. It can be either an oral contract based on trust, or a written contract at home or another document offering a higher level of security. If you have any doubts about the legality and possible consequences of using House Sitting Agreements in the United States, talk to a lawyer experienced in U.S. contract law.

Eden Rudin, a long-time goalkeeper, gives him a perspective. “I`ve never used contracts and I haven`t been asked to do that. Most of the time, because we are not people in the countries where we are, it would be quite difficult for everyone to take legal action against us. We also had a very good communication with our owners. We are not embarrassed to ask the difficult questions when we are sitting, so we don`t feel we need them.

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