Action Buses Certified Agreement

1. The Community licensing model and a certified copy of a Community licence and the data introduced to it are in line with Schedule II of Regulation (EC) No. 1073/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council. The vehicle`s license plate is inscribed in the commentary field of the certified authentic copy of the community licence. 4. A certified copy of the Community licence, authorization for a regular service and an approved schedule may only be given to a person working for the airline under an employment contract or on any other contractual basis. Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. In the case of transportation without the documents prescribed in subsections 83 (1) and 2 of this Act, as well as a certified copy of the Community licence or vehicle card, a police officer or other official authorized under this Act has the right to discontinue this operation until the facts that resulted in the interruption of the operation are found or no longer exist. 1. The applicant for a taxi licence must provide the licensee with the following data and documents: 1) an application containing the applicant`s contact information, including the telephone number, email address and postal address; 2) if the applicant is a corporation, the name and registration code; If the applicant is a incorporated person, a foundation document, in particular the foundation contract or the foundation`s decision, or at least a certified copy by a notary, must be submitted; If the applicant is independent, the applicant`s name and registration code must be provided; 3) If the applicant wishes that the validity of the certificate issued to the applicant be limited in relation to the validity of this law, the required validity of the certificate must be provided. (1) When providing taxi services, the driver is required to place his service provider card on the dashboard in a place visible to the traveller; 2) Turn on the meter when commissioning. When the traveller orders a taxi outside the watershed, the taximeter may be switched on at the watershed boundary after consultation with the traveller; 3) provide the passenger with a printed receipt using the carrier`s name and registration code, vehicle registration number, date of service delivery, start and end time, length of trip, prices and discounts, volume and cost of service offered on all prices and discounts, and total cost. 2.

A certified copy of the Community licence may be requested for a motor vehicle registered in the Motor Vehicle Register and having passed the technical check. In addition to the documents covered in points 1) and 4) of subsection 1 of this section, the applicant who requests a certified copy of the Community licence submits to the issuer the contract for the use of the vehicle when the applicant is not the owner of the vehicle or the user of the vehicle on the basis of the vehicle registration certificate.

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