Neue mein elba app herunterladen

It`s almost 30 minutes I am trying to download but it didn`t work even I restart my mobile phone but still not working… yeah … still waiting for that sms tan to actually use that thing…. tried 3 times but it simply does not work. never had a problem with receiving the smstan doing it via normal elba. are you serious dear raiffeisenbank to first force this thing down our throats and then not even having it functionial? edit: ok… the sms-problem was another problem… i give you a pass on that one. if it is true that it does not work on rooted devices it is still a desaster personally since i heavily rely on rooted devices and so do many others.

This is the most worst application what i ever download in my life. I cant understand why why and why are making things from simple things to disgusting hard and confused. This is definetly not what i wont. Leave option for my self do i want to have push Tan or whatever is called that. Why i cant have the right to decide? One TAN is more than enough. Why dont you let me to choose. This is terribleeee. Please make changes. Dont make life to people difficult. Changeeee as soon as possible. Nach der Installation der Mein ELBA-App wird der Registrierungsprozess zu pushTAN automatisch nach dem ersten Anmeldevorgang gestartet. how can i have pdf of the transaction? i dont have an option for pdf Download.? No NFC payments, pushTan almost never works, very basic functionality and in general not polished.

Logging in takes ages and the fingerprint login takes 2-3 secinds to load before starting to register. So einfach steigen Sie auf die neue Mein ELBA-App um: In summer we offer a new destination: Elba ! Travel from Piombino or Bastia! From June to September, every Thursday and Friday from Bastia a good basis to plan a day trip or mini stay on Elba : Departure from Bastia at 07:00 , arrival at Porto Ferraio at 08:30. Return from Porto Ferraio at 18:30 and arrival at Bastia at 20:00. This is an ideal possibility to discover the biggest island of the Tuscan archipelago ! Update: for two days the App has shown wrong figures by credit card. Many phone calls to clarify. Raiffeisen never apologized. In genersl the new Elba App is a nightmare. My phone failed to pass the safety check.

Has taken time to prepare the phone. Raiffeisen phone support is harsh. They communicate upside down. The old App has been much more better… Doesn`t work properly, half of the time no push tan is sent! Seit dem letzten Update ist es mir nicht mehr möglich mich rein am Handy einzuloggen, da die push tan Eingabe nicht funktioniert (onscreen Keyboard ist sichtbar, aber die Eingabe füllt nichts aus). Einloggen über den PC ist GSD noch möglich, denn beim push tan pop-up funktioniert es dann doch. Nichtsdestotrotz ist die App so nicht benutztbar. App is horrible, cant access at all to it even do my bank is telling me that everything is correct with my account and my ELBA ,you are sending me TAN but I can`t do anything with it .

Second app doesn`t have English version, and it is useless if you don`t speak German. And dear Raiffeisen bank if you are answering on reviews please be kind and answer on English App freezes often and errors messages appear regularly Ja, in diesem Fall ist jedes zusätzliche Endgerät zu registrieren. Ja, als Alternative stehen Ihnen sowohl pushTAN Desktop als auch die cardTAN bzw. PIN + smsTAN zur Verfügung, die ebenfalls die regulatorischen Anforderungen (2-Faktor-Authenfizierung) erfüllen. Ja, die Entkoppelung kann direkt über das Device durch Deinstallation der App oder von Ihrem Berater durchgeführt werden. can`t even try out the App without activating pushTAN, after which I would be stuck with it.

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